ICO Assessment

ICO Assessment

Higher Credibility and Success in your ICO

Raising capital through an ICO has become very attractive, with early-stage start-ups raising millions within a short period of time. But as there are constantly more companies moving into an ICO, it has become also more difficult to raise successfully. About 75% are failing to reaching their soft cap. And as there are more professional investors entering this young investment “class”, as well as early crypto-investors being more cautious in the selection of the investments they take, the times of easily raising capital just with a fancy website and a whitepaper are over. At Blocksmatter, we understand ourselves as the needed middleman, actively promoting and even demanding the employment of a  self-regulating governance for tokenized assets.

In order to make good ICO candidates shine out of the mass, we are offering a comprehensive ICO assessment. Our assessment is conducted together with PwC on the legal and tax side and with Validity Labs on the technical side, a widely recognized technical expert in the field of Blockchain development and education. 

The assessment is set-up like a quality seal for investors, giving them the needed security to invest in an ICO. Therewith, we foster the maturing of ICO’s to become IPO 2.0, providing more than just a white paper and a fancy website and generic pie chart, how the raised money will be spent. Successful IPO 2.0 candidates will need a feasible business model, a complete business plan also including a profound financial planning, a top notch technology, full legal clearance, a management capable to execute and a token, structured to provide real benefit and return for investors. Our assessment methodology is based on a comparable standard model with a qualitative and quantitative assessment grid.


ICO Assessment coverage
  • Business Case & Strategy
  • Technical Solution
  • Management Capabilities
  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Legal
  • Tax
  • Token Structuring
  • ICO Process
  • Risk
Your Benefits
  • Trusted quality seal for investors
  • Higher credibility
  • Independent review and improvement advice
  • Identifikation of potential shortfalls in the ICO
  • Improvement of ICO documentations
  • Higher reach and promotion support
  • Access to advisor and supporter
  • Access to investors

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