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A new Paradigm of Tokenized Asset Management

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Investing in the Era of Blockchain


ICO Assessment

Being successful in an ICO means to be trusted by investors and stand out of the mass. Our assessment provides credibility and trust for investors, while delivering real value-add to the companies for a more successful ICO.

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ICO Advisory

Our ICO Advisory Service is a one-stop-shop solution from conception to execution. We offer clear guidance and active support in the ICO set-up and the necessary resources for ICO planning and documentations, legal clarifications, technical development as well as investors and public promotions.

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Research & Analytics

Investing in crypto-assets means, making decisions based on fundamental data. We perform constant research on the progress of the companies and digital assets, as well as perform market research and provide data and statistics in the crypto-space.

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Brokerage & Trading

Buying and selling crypto assets most efficiently can be a challenge. We offer professional trading and brokerage services as well as storage for qualified investors like financial institutions, family offices, wealth manager as well high-net-worth-individuals through multiple exchanges as well as OTC.

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We are at the Edge of a new Investment Paradigm. The Tokenization of Assets is the Global Democratization of the Financial Industry!

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"Not teaching about #blockchain would be equivalent to ignoring internet #technology when it emerged 25 years ago" via @GonserSarah https://t.co/YLUP4zqQk5

"What we observe is that most tokens are used only on exchanges for trading purposes or within their own specific platforms if the platform is live," @loi_luu said.

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