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Welcome to the new age of tokenized investments

The Blockchain technology has ushered a complete new era of investments – Tokenized Assets. At Blocksmatter we have made it to our goal, to provide end-to-end service for Blockchain development projects, conducting Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)/ Security Token Offerings (STO) and tokenization of assets. At the same time we want to provide investors, financial institutions, asset managers and wealth managers a comprehensive source for crypto investments. But Blocksmatter goes much further. We believe that in the future, many traditional asset classes like equities, bonds, commodities, real estate, funds and even art will be tokenized as asset-backed tokens and traded via crypto-exchanges. New investment products and instruments are being built on top of these tokenized assets such as ETF’s, certificates, derivatives and structured products. Therewith, a multi-trillion business is arising. Blocksmatter aims to become the major source of all tokenized assets by building the Blockchain ecosystem of the future.

Our Vision is to become the leading platform for tokenized asset management and a trustful partner for the token economy. 

On a mission to provide trust and reliability to the crypto-economics

Blocksmatter is on a mission to empower the potential of the crypto-economics and provide trust in this new investment space. Not only that we provide specific and bespoke Blockchain-related services, we also take an active part establishing a self-regulating and compliance framework as a “Swiss Code of Conduct” for token issuance and tokenized assets management.

A strong network of trusted partners to deliver a seal of quality

We believe in the advantage of a strong network of partners as an ecosystem. In order to provide outstanding value we work with a network of partners and we are building joint ventures to deliver solutions needed in the young crypto market.

Our goal is to help to make the tokenized asset world trustful and valuable for the global economy and our society.


Johannes Gugl
Johannes Gugl
Johannes has more than 15 years experience in venture capital & private equity, banking, consulting and technology. He was a managing partner of Lakeshore Advisors, a VC & PE management company, a co-founder of Fides Equity Partners and worked several years at KPMG and PwC. Johannes was involved in dozens transactions and helped companies in every stage from start-up to restructuring. Due to his background and his passion for technology, he early discovered the arising blockchain technology and became fascinated by the disruptive power of the blockchain and tokenization.
Peter Keller
Peter Keller
Chairman of the Board
Peter is a highly experienced executive with many years of experience in the financial and stock exchange industry. As the founding CEO of virt-x exchange and Scoach (Digital Derivative Exchange), the first pan-european digital exchanges and former member of the group executive committee of SWX (Swiss Stock Exchange) as well as executive board member of SIX, Peter brings in the right knowledge and experience as the chairman of the board of directors of Blocksmatter.
Anton Schmidbauer
Anton Schmidbauer
Member of the Board
Anton is CEO and co-founder of IOV42 and it's holding Valueweb, a ground-breaking Blockchain technology and next generation Blockchain infrastructure. Anton is a crypto-graphic an cyber security specialist and successful serial entrepreneur. He is a visionary in Blockchain and cryptographic technologies.

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