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Services for efficient and trustful Crypto-Investments

Our services have been structured to serve the need of investors, investing in tokenized assets and companies raising funds through an ICO. In order to provide investors an in-depth and independent review of the tokens and to support favorable companies receiving higher credibility, we constantly perform ICO assessments and research of the listed tokens and their performance, which we are publishing on our token index. Through our ICO advisory service, we support companies to be more successful in their ICO process and to receive higher credibility. At the same time, we offer professional investors trading and brokerage services for a more efficient and secure crypto-asset management.


Services for Investors

In this fast moving space of crypto assets and daily new ICO’s launching, investors need a reliable source of information and a solution to efficiently trade and manage their tokenized assets. Analyzing every single ICO or listed token internally would require an army of specialized analysts. Instead, we are offering investors the perfect source of information for their investment decision, by providing them access to in-depth ICO assessments, constant research and reporting of listed tokens. Through our in-house developed trading platform we are connected with a high number of crypto-exchanges, monitoring prices, spreads, volumes and volatilities for best price tracking and execution.


Services for Companies

Raising funds through an ICO is highly attractive for young startups. But the effort to execute such an ICO has become highly challenging. With daily new ICO’s popping up it has become a huge effort for investors to make investment decisions. Our services for companies especially address those companies, which have a favorable solution, a highly capable team and want to fulfill higher standards in order to raise the attention of the investors. We support companies in their whole process from conception and preparation of all necessary documentations, token structuring and smart contract development, legal clarification, assessment, roadshows and investors relations to even liquidation of the funding and exchange in FIAT currencies.

ICO Assessment

Being successful in an ICO means to be trusted by investors and stand out of the mass. Our assessment provides credibility and trust for investors, while delivering real value-add to the companies for a more successful ICO.

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ICO Advisory

Our ICO Advisory Service is a one-stop-shop solution from conception to execution. We offer clear guidance and active support in the ICO set-up and the necessary resources for ICO planning and documentations, legal clarifications, technical development as well as investors and public promotions.

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Research & Analytics

Investing in crypto-assets means, making a decision based on fundamental data to understand the potential of the investment. We perform constant research on the progress of the companies and digital assets, as well as perform market research and provide data and statistics in the crypto-space investors can access.

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Brokerage & Trading

Buying and selling crypto assets most efficiently can be challenging. We offer professional trading and brokerage services through multiple exchanges as well as OTC, high secure custody for qualified investors like financial institutions, family offices, wealth manager and high-net-worth-individuals.

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