Crypto-Brokerage & Trading

Crypto-Brokerage & Trading

Professional Trading & Brokerage Services for Qualified Investors

Trading a few cryptocurrencies is not a big issue. But professional trading of cryptocurrencies can be a big challenge. Gaining early access to participate into promising ICO’s or to trade tokens on the secondary market through crypto-exchanges. Trading big volumes to the best market prices, secured in order to prevent hacking attacks. But also safely storing the crypto assets or liquidating raised cryptocurrencies and exchange into FIAT currencies. All these tasks can be challenging and often better performed by professionals, which already have the right systems, process and access in place.

Blocksmatter offers professional brokerage & trading services for qualified investors like family offices, wealth manager, asset manager, high-net-worth individuals as well as for token issuer. Due to our access to large number of crypto-exchanges, our best execution algorithmic trading and our access to the OTC market, we are able to securely trade on a best execution basis on behalf of our clients. But we don’t just execute the trades, we also offer active crypto-asset management, automated cross-exchange arbitrage trading or long position hedging.

In order to do so in a regulated and compliant way, we are operating under the VQF regulation of the Swiss SRO (Self-Regulatory-Organisation) and perform compliant AML and KYC processes on our clients.


Brokerage & Trading Services
  • Pre-ICO Brokerage
  • Buy & Sell-Side Brokerage 
  • Discretionary Trading 
  • OTC Trading
  • Position Hedging
  • Cryptocurrencies Liquidation/ Exchange in FIAT
  • Crypto-Asset Management & Storing
Your Benefits
  • Secure execution of high volume trades
  • Cross-Exchange best execution
  • Secure custody of digital assets
  • Access to the OTC market
  • Active portfolio management 
  • Discretionary Cross-Exchange Arbitrage Trading
  • Hedging of long positions
  • Detailed trading reporting

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