Research & Analytics

Research & Analytics

High Quality Research & Market Data Analytics for better Investment Decisions

Investing in Crypto-Assets requires the conduction of a comprehensive due diligence, as well as data and statistics to be analyzed. Performing research internally is time consuming and costly for professional investors. Often it is even very difficult to gain access to the companies to collect and analyse the data needed for a professional due diligence.

Blocksmatter conducts constant research on companies issued a token and issued crypto-assets. This contains in-depth research of the company and the business case or underlying assets, the development progress as well the historical performance of the exchange listed token and the future outlook. We also act as investors relations channel for the companies, publishing news of the companies. 

We are offering different access models to our research and analytics database, as well conduct research mandates on behalf of our clients. Our comprehensive set of data collection is also a valuable source for organizations, performing specific market research and analytics.


Token Research and Analytics Services
  • Token Research
  • ICO Statistics
  • Risks Analysis
  • Tokenomics Research
  • Token/ Macro Data Correlations Analytics
  • Crypto-Market Research
  • Crypto-Exchange and Blockchain Transaction Analytics
Your Benefits
  • In-depth token research for better investment decisions
  • Higher security of valuation
  • Market potential analysis
  • Identification and evaluation of risks
  • Constant monitoring and reporting of corporate developments
  • Secondary market performance tracking
  • Access to a comprehensive set of crypto-macro and micro data

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